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"In Fragments, you become the detective in a high-tech crime thriller. Experience compelling new possibilities for storytelling and gameplay when life-sized characters are aware of your presence, share your real space, and interact with you in mixed reality. Spatial mapping allows holographic clues to be dynamically placed in whichever room you play"

I was responsible for the creation of some assets for this game, within a small art team at Asobo Studio. Proud to have worked on one of the first HoloLens game, so big shout out to the team! It was also my first project as a junior 3D artist 

The models shown here might differ slightly from the actual game model.

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Leevi galita shoes
Leevi galita shoes sculpt
Leevi galita extinguisher
Leevi galita high tech props
Leevi galita bottles
Leevi galita electricalpanel
Leevi galita chair
Leevi galita usarmyknife
Leevi galita television
Leevi galita abandonned theater props
Leevi galita lockers