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Watch Dogs 2 : Cleveland Heights

Here are some shots of a district i worked on as a level artist.

Art Director: Cedric Humeau
Lead Artist: Mathieu Jacquin
Concept Artist: Geoffrey Soudant
Level design: Julien Petotte

Big shout out to Ubisoft Paris that was responsible of Oakland and Marin.
I want to thank all my awesome team mates in the level art team for their help and feedbacks: Thomas Ripoll Kobayashi, Renaud Thomas, Kim Fournel, Jordann Jacobe, Christophe Neverre, Alexandre Christmann, Maximilien Dehove, Bastien Blando, Nathanael Millet, Najah Benothman.

Leevi galita 21
Leevi galita 19
Leevi galita 25
Leevi galita 23
Leevi galita 22
Leevi galita 26